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Kanalstraße 70, 23552 Lübeck, Germany

Welcome to the new est website of the Rucksack Hotel; a friendly hostel for backpackers, explorers and other adventurers, located in the old city centre of the beautiful medieval city of Luebeck (Lübeck).

The Rucksack Hotel was established in September 1991; as part of the unique Werkof project, a centre for eco-friendly lifestyles. Travellers from all over the world are welcome as are school groups, cultural groups and families.

Our rooms are designed to engender a relaxing and informal atmosphere. In the living area, of the day room, there is often lively conversation where the latest news from around the world is shared and useful travelling tips are exchanged. We offer literature, music and art for breakfast; as we have the wonderful, vibrant and culturally rich city of Luebeck at the door.

As we are still uploading content, there will soon be more to see; so please visit this site again.


For booking or enquiries, please call Piia on +49 (0)451 706892 or 01712618792 (mobile) or email: